Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"29 HirsTanks - The Natural History in Tanks" with Damien Hirst...

The actual contemporary art exhibition at Tate Modern gallery in London (4 April – 9 September 2012) is a success, as also was planned to coincide with the London 2012 Olympics. Damyan29 mediates and interprets Hirst's art. Eccentric, cutting-edge, controversial, scandalous, ambiguous, shocking, bold, mischievous, innovative, thought-provoking, strange, experimental - all these adjectives describe Damien's art. The titles of many of the artworks presented contain philosophical statements as follows "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living ...", "For The Love of God", "Beautiful revolving sphincter, oops brown" revealing Damien's active, meditative, rebellious, nonconformist nature.

At first Damien created art objects, sculptures and put them in boxes, then then the glass boxes got transparent and filled with liquids, then Damien decided to put birds and small animals there. Later, even the massive sharks and cows got their way into Hirst's hermetic "aquariums". Later the artist placed the supreme creature homo sapiens replica into the tank. The "oh my God" effect followed....

Damyan29 presents a draft sketch where he places Damien Hirst's replica in a glass tank filled with formaldehyde called "29 HirsTanks - The Natural History in Tanks". The philosophy and the concept of this project is one inspired by the rules of the nature. One of the principles is the 'circularity principle' or bio-circle: when the creator becomes the creation, and creation becomes the creator.  At one point the creator succumbs and becomes someone else's creation or 'recreation'. Besides the fact all artists were only reflecting the world around them, today, they can transform maestros into works of art.

Damyan TwoNine adheres to the art critics as well as to the artists and stirs the question: "what is art?". Probably man can never realise that as long as everyone assumes it's definition for himself. Maybe cosmos and nature can answer us? Maybe time will show what is worth calling 'art' or is it at all necessary to call  "art" the creations of certain artists like Damien Hirst that may have values beyond the frames of what people put in the concept of art? If what the artists call art is not anymore art - then how we'd call the artist then? 'Non-artists' or philosophers ?

What do you think regarding this topic? Has contemporary art gone mad or it's going through a unique process transcending and uniting sciences? Your opinion is precious. Have your say freely in the comments section and justify your opinion in a constructive way.

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