Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Narcissus with a Peacock. In "Neo-Nouveau"/Jugendstil Style.

Inspired from Greek mythology the central figure of the painting , Narcissus, appears with a Peacock, a proeminent Art Nouveau bird-symbol (sublime beauty), craving his beauty. Such giants of Jugendstil like Alfonse Mucha (Czech) and Gustav Klimt (Austrian) played a key role as sources of inspiration for this painting.

I also used 2 titans that flank the composition on both sides on decorative nouveau frame as symbols of strength, protection, durability drawn from a neo-renaissance style facade of one of the beautiful buildings in the "Vynohrady" (grapes) district in Prague. I present the full colour and a tinted black-and-white variation of the painting.

"Narcissus with a Peacock" 2009. Neo-Nouveau
Medium: Mixed Medium, Watercolour, coloured pens, coloured inks on Art paper.
Dimensions: 420 x 550 mm
Place of Creation: Prague, Czech Republic
Availability: Original Available; LTD Signed Reproductions.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Decorative Glass Pannels

I've always adored this material.
It's flexible, versatile, fragile, can have any possible colours, can be transparent and opaque, cold and warm, reflective, futuristic and ofcourse beautiful. The GLASS. It's a parabola of water. The solid water in it's countless forms and variations. A truesy fascinating building/ art material for the future.

How monotone and boring are most of the office buildings, or massive regular plane facades cover with tons of glass pannels with no spirit, soul or creational nerve. I present a possible design for a Public Bulding with coloured glass pannels using one of my digital graphic works "Marylin Monroe, the Dusk/Symbol Variation". I used a skyscraper on purpose. The skyscrapers are a symbol of industrialization and developement era, and the decorative IMAGE used, as a specific continuation, the beauty symbol of the XX-th century - Marylin Monroe.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

D29 Photography

"Anybody Seen My Baby?" Photography. 2007

"Bilboko Spherical Reflections" Photography. 2010


Marilyn. White Variation. Digital Graphic Work.

"Marylin (White Variation)". Digital graphic work. 2010

"Marylin (White Variation)". Digital graphic work. Detail. 2010
Place of Creation: Prague, Czech Republic