Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Damyan's "Metrosexual" and PostPop Art

"Narcissus and The Peacock. The Neon Night Variation" (2009)
Artist: Damyan TwoNine
Dimensions: 420 x 550 mm
Type/Medium: Digital Graphic Work.
Availability: LTD Reproductions of any size available for sale
"Narcissus and The Peacock. The Neon Night Variation" (2009)
Digital Graphic Work. Detail.
The new series of Damyan's digital graphic works continuing the celebrities and mythological architypes theme. Each work expresses and characterizes the subconscious message of the portrayed protagonists. Narcissus, in love with himself adored by the Peacock, appears in a hermetic atmosphere of mercury and silver. Sylver being the symbol of the mirror and the medium that contributes to Narcissus' "autoerotism" and self-admiration. (Greek mythology and Sigmund Freud)

"Narcissus and the Peacock. A Hermetic Liquid Mercury State" (2009)
Artist: Damyan TwoNine
Dimensions: 380 x 500 mm
Type/Medium: Digital Graphic Work
Place of Creation: Prague, Czech Republic
Availability: LTD Reproductions of any size available for sale
"Jennifer Lopez - The Metrosexual Diva" (2009)
Artist: Damyan TwoNine
Natural Dimensions: 297 x 420 mm
Type/Medium/Style: Digital Graphic Work. Art Deco/Nouveau/PostPop Art
Availability: LTD Reproductions of any size available for sale
Comment: a good example of a classic architype of Cinderella, who's achieved the Metrosexual Success and Life Style.

"Marilyn Monroe - The Hydrogenic Bomb XX" (2009)
Artist: Damyan TwoNine
Natural Dimensions: 297 x 420 mm
Type/Medium: Digital Graphic Work.
Availability: LTD Reproductions of any size available for sale.

Comment: Interesting if any other of the famous Primadonnas like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kim Basinger or Claudia Schiffer would blind so many people and and become the symbol of a whole century as Marylin did..... following the example of Gioconda (Moaner Lisa)...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah Michelle Gellar Portrait by Damyan

Newly commissioned pencil portrait of the actress "Sarah Michelle Gellar" (2009).
Dimensions: A3 size : 297 x 420 mm
Support/Medium/Technique: Pencil and black ink on Art yellow tinted Paper. Gothic style graphic frame. "Buffy - The Vampire Slayer" logotype.
Place of Creation: Prague, Czech Rep.
Availability: Original Sold (Private Collection, UK)
LTD Signed Reproductions of any size Avalable.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Art Nouveau Portrait of Michael Jackson. Phenomenon. 2009.

I'm glad to inform you that my portrait of Michael Jackson - The Legend of Music, was recently sold and now only the Reprographic Copyes are available for sale. Look at the fan's coments on website Michael Jackson's Art Nouveau portrait by Damyan.

"Michael Jackson, The Phenomenon" (2009) by Damyan TwoNine
Dimensions: A3 size : 297 x 420 mm
Support/Medium/Technique: Pencil and black ink, Golden Ink on Art yellow tinted Paper. Gothic style graphic frame. "MJ Golden Neverland Seal" logotype.
Place of Creation: Chisinau, Moldova, Rep.
Availability: Original Sold (Private Collection, USA)
LTD Signed Reproductions of any size Avalable.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

DAMYAN's Celebrities Portraits Collection in a Video Art Presentation

NOTE: If you can't view the video clip ando/or would like to DOWNLOAD it: here is the free download link to: Damyan29 Fine Art - Portraits (90 MB)

The Artist Damyan29 Presents: a collection of 50 exclusive Portraits he has done during the past 10 years (1997-2007). In this video clip/slide show art presentation are included also Damyan self-portraits which appear in the beginning.

The collection is unique for several reasons. Originality in style, uniqueness, precision, variety of techniques, likeness, variety of symbols accompaigning the portrayed famous people, very personal attitude and attention to the detail (if analysed carefully) cannot leave you unimpressed. Some of those are still available in Original. Also Damyan provides Limited Edition signed Reproductions in various sizes on your wish.

LIST of CELEBRITIES that Damyan has portrayed:

DON’T FORGET that each unique original PORTRAIT posted on this site cannot be repeated so those who hesitate may be disappointed or have to settle for a LIMITED EDITION signed COPY of the ORIGINAL.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Damyan's Paintings during the Academy Years 2004-2007

Here I present a few more paintings created in the years of Academy studies. Most concentrate on the Phylosophic Theme of Time, Culture, Heritage. Mostly done in mixed mediums, you can distinguish Watercolour, Oil, Tempera, Gouache. Please enjoy the presentation (post).

"The Microworld" (2005)
Dimensions: 300 x 200mm.
Support and Medium: Gouache, Tempera, Watercolour.
Availability: Available for Sale.

"Rome. The Commencement" (2004)
Dimensions: 600 x 450 mm
Support and Medium: Gouache, Tempera, Watercolour, Mixed Mediums on Art Paper
Availability: Available for Sale.

"Laus Athletis Olympia Vincentibus" (2004)
Dimensions: 500 x 600mm
Support and Medium: Gouache, Watercolour, Ink on Art Paper.
Availability: Available for Sale.

"Laus Athletis Olympia Vincentibus" (2004) Detail.
Comment: This work was conceived as a"SKETCH"/"PROJECT" for a possible theatrical panoramic background pannel. The theme of Olympic games illustrated here with the Acropolis (Athens, Greece) Architectural landscape, the sillouette of the Winner with Laurels and the inscriptions in old greek language serve here as a symbols building the atmosphere of Olympic Games. As source of inspiration certainly were The Olympic Games which were born in Ancient Greece and were held in honour of Zeus, the father of the Gods. The first Olympic Games took place in Olympia for the first time in the 7th century B.C. According to the myth, they were founded by Pelops, the King of Peloponnese. Olympia is considered as one of the most important sanctuaries of antiquity.The Olympic Games were reserved exclusively for young males from the Greek world which confronted each others for the glory and a wreath of olive leafs. The competition included athletics categories of wrestling, long jump, discus, running, javelin throwing, chariot, horse racing and the pancratium.

"The Metamorphosys of Time. The Sun" Sketch. Oil on Canvas. 250 x 320 mm.

"The Metamorphosys of Time. Desintegration of Matter" 2004. Oil, Mixed Medium. 300 x 400 mm


"Xerox III" (2006) Collage. Mixed Medium. 550 x 650 mm

Xerox III presents the image of the technological progress, and the "digitalisation" of the present world. The Repetitive verticals intensify the Monodirectional rhythm and create the ambience of a Printing Mechanism inside of the Copying Machine.

"Xerox III" (2006) Detail.


For any inquiries, possible exhibition offers, commissions, purchase of paintings please contact Damyan:Tel: +420776459299. Prague. Czech Republic

Friday, February 6, 2009

Examples of Portraits of Famous People In Various Interiors

~~~ Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Lopez Portraits by Damyan. Office Walls. ~~~

~~~ Amy Winehouse Mosaique by Damyan. Conference Hall ~~~

~~~ Madonna. Art Deco face Blow Up by Damyan. Hotel Lounge. ~~~

~~~ Madonna, Art Deco Portrait by Damyan. Conference Hall 2. ~~~

Contact Damyan:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Damyan's Conceptual Modular Art

"Author's Desilusion" by Damyan. 2008. 1200 x 500 mm

Here Damyan presents his new graphic works made of modules. The Conception presents modular constructions revealing one or another image, idea, expression, thought. The "Author's Desilusion" graphic work is done with repetitive samples of the cover image of a book, showing the state of soul of Desilusioned author, or its heroes. The work reveals Damyan's world, deep, unfolded and full of desilusion, desilusion being here a dominant mood.

"Food Constellation. Golden Modules" 2008. by Damyan.

Photo-Modular. 600 x 600 mm

The work "Food Constellation. Golden Modules" is techniquely done diffrently; but in the same creative period dominated by modular art. Inspired by bidimensional electronic 16 bit images space, the black background showing the space, and Golden points eliminating the produced stars made of food. "We are all made of stars" sang recently Moby. Damyan here illustrates his philosophy of circulation of matter in this world/universe. Human beings representing the Stars made of Food, eliminated by Golden Modules.
The logical link between the "Generating/Productive Golden Modules" and the human beings, being Stars, is reversed according to ancient concept of unity between the running lama and the jaguar hunting it. The Lama in the moment of desperate escape feels allready a part of jaguar. The victim feels a part of the hunter. So The Golden Modules are a Product of Creative Human Stars. As people will perish, but Art - as Golden Values created by them will live eternally. Ars Longa - Vita Brevis (roman proverb).
More than that : This Art then will contribute to give birth to new "stars", who will continue this neverstopping process of creation and contemplation through creation. This is the hidden sense illustrated by the Artist Damyan. Hope you'll enjoy the works.

Damyan's Submission for "KRAKOZYABRA" Exhibition in a Brussels Art Gallery

"Krakozyabra Themes" (fantastic creatures, jokes, cartoons, children illustration and similar, also abstract works); That's how its called the next exhibition in Gabrichidze Gallery in Brussels. After long walks and unforgettable experiences tasting the best (belgian) cakes in the world, Damyan has visited the gallery situated not far from Brussels' centre. The exibition starts on the 26th of February. Come and visit Gabrichidze Gallery. Rue du Plentickx. 32. Brussels

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Damyan's Paintings and Graphics Collection II

"The Nineth Wave" by Ivan Ayvazovsky. Oil On canvas Copy by Damyan. 2005. 1000 x 600 mm

Here is the second part, a new post on the art blog of Damyan's Paintings created in the 2004-2007 period. Some of the paintings created during Damyan's studies in the college of Fine arts or Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts.
If you are interested in buying original art works from Damyan or high quality reproductions, or you are a gallery/restaurant/hotel/exhibition space/ owner and looking for an Artist to decorate your speace, or you want to Oreder/Commission a painting for yourself or as a Original Art Gift for your loved ones please contact Damyan by email.
And Damyan will be excited to offer you his large spectrum of graphic works and oil paintings. Ars Longa - Vita Brevis "Art is Eternal, Life Is Short"

"Rustic Still Life" 2004. by Damyan. Oil On Canvas. 550 x 750 mm.

Amy Winehouse Pseudo-Mosaique Portrait. 2007. Prague. mixed Medium.

Metamorphosys Of Time. The Blood Call. by Damyan. 400 x 500. 2005

Metamorphosys Of Time. Main Motive. by Damyan. 1500 x 2000 mm. 2005

Prague. Heart Of Europe. By Damyan. Graphic work. 2007. Detail

The Violet Bood. Detail. 2002.

The Judgement Day. by Damyan. 2004. Oil On canvas. 650 x 950 mm

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Damyan's Paintings Collection. Prague

Faces in Universe. Damyan 2002. Detail. 400 x 500 mm. Oil On Canvas.
Metamorphosys Of Time. African Sunset. by Damyan 2005. Oil On Canvas. 500 x 650 mm.

Contemporaniety. Triple Oil on canvas Painting. by Damyan 2004. 1000 x 450 mmThe Violet Blood. by Damyan. 2004. Mixed Medium. Collage. 700 x 480mm

Jennifer Anniston Portrait. Pencils on Peach tinted paper. 2007. 210 x 297 mm

The Metamorphosys Of Time : Dusk. Oil, Mixed Medium. Post Modern Style. Jackson Pollock inspiration influence. 520 x 620 mm

The Metamorphosys Of Time : Dusk. Oil, Mixed Media. Post Modern Style. Jackson Pollock inspiration influence. 520 x 620 mm. Detail.
Art Commissions by Artist Damyan, portraits, family anniversary gifts, hight quality copyes of world known and beloved masterpieces. Be Original, choose a Art Gift! Decorate your house, flat, interior with original authentic art!
Always looking for exposure, art gallery owners, Art fairs, Art Exhibitions.
Please contact any time.